We should..

  • continue to involve more people in discussions about society, data, online, ethics, power, etc.
  • improve understanding of legal possibilities regarding open personal data
  • extend CKAN to allow people to attach ‘privacy implications’ info to datasets
  • share our projects, insights etc more often
  • develop easily understandable intro to isssues (+ risks/arguments)
  • help develop the workshop reader into a good resource
  • decide if open data means open to everyone- or does it include data open to some people for some purposes
  • create a ‘debunking myths’ primer/doc- a light touch intro to scope what open data is/isn’t;
  • continue to engage with both privacy + open data communities about the issues surrounding openness as against privacy
  • develop good practice platforms for info self-determination
  • agree that personal data should not be open data
  • do book sprints on anonymisation or privacy by design
  • define standards for provenance/consent in metadata
  • keep in touch as a group and work on areas of common interest (it has been great getting such a diverse group together)
  • recognize that data is inseparable from compute (need to consider openness of process, usage as well as of data)

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