Control issues of personal data/open data

Discussion points:

Legal questions


Notions of control

The ability to delete/destroy data is the litmus test of control

One of the thoughts proposed is that the data should be on your pc

A question was raised about free services being paid by personal data, whether that was a reasonable requirement or not.

There is a need of finding a balance between centralised and decentralised services

Control over data a as a proxy over control over identity in different contexts

People care about exploitation as well

Control over identity and value being monetised

Data as a proxy over decisions being made about you

Openness of process

Core value of open data is transparency about the provenance and processing of the data, it’s accountability

Control of data extends to the business rules on how it is interpreted and enriched.

There should be open data about business rules, the opening data should be more focused on the business rules than on the personal data being processed.

Credit rating agencies have been discussed.

Big Data is a shortcut to the scientific method, Open Data should not take this shortcut.


Different spheres in which data lives, from private to very public or quasi-public (social networks as shopping mall). There may be an open data sphere. Different frameworks.

Things get complicated when the spheres overlap.

Incongruence of spheres sows distrust, for example if what is perceived as a public sphere is actually a privately owned one.

It makes the distinction of who provides truly public services and who provides private ones more urgent.

Monetisation as a problem

  • equitable relationship
  • trade-off of risk and enforcement plays a role in this equation

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