The group was given several controversial statements and then were asked to place themselves along a line of agreement/disagreeement.

  • Other people should not be able to make money from my data
  • Personal data can never be completely anonymised
  • If you share data you have lost the right to privacy
  • You have a duty to share medical data for the benefit of all
  • All patients should control their own data
  • Consent is the only legitimate ground to process data
  • If I create data I own it!

Not Used

  • Users of public services have to give up some privacy in exchange
  • NSA Did Nothing wrong!
  • Open Data has always been about personal data (MP Expenses)
  • Privacy as a fundamental right is an extreme POV
  • There is no such thing as uniquely identifiable info
  • All data consented for research use should be used as much as possible for research

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