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Why privacy considerations matter in the current open data environment

Sally Deffor - April 29, 2014 in Featured

In a little under 2 months, experts in open data, privacy, and personal data management will gather in London to spend two days deliberating on issues surrounding the privacy concerns of opening up data systems that might contain elements …

What do they know about me? Open data on how organisations use personal data

Guest - March 18, 2014 in Featured

This post is by Reuben Binns, a postgraduate researcher at the University of Southampton, Web Science Institute. His research interests include ethical and legal aspects of personal data and open data. Find him on Twitter and GitHub.

When open …

Open Data Privacy

Laura James - December 13, 2013 in Featured

“yes, the government should open other people‚Äôs data”

Traditionally, the Open Knowledge Foundation has worked to open non-personal data – things like publicly-funded research papers, government spending data, and so on. Where individual data was a part of some shared …

My Data & Open Data

Laura James - December 13, 2013 in Featured

The Open Knowledge Foundation believes in open **knowledge**: not just that some data is open and freely usable, but that it is **useful** – accessible, understandable, meaningful, and able to help someone solve a real problem.

A lot of the …